Cyberattacks: How to choose the correct it provider for your cybersecurity needs

SevenC, a leading IT infrastructure and network service provider striving to identify and make available the best possible ICT strategies for its clients’ unique needs, provides tips on how to choose the correct IT provider for your cybersecurity needs.

Cybercrime is expanding at an alarming rate as our lives and businesses become increasingly digitised.

“Given the escalating cyber threats, security is no longer a choice but a must,” says Graeme Millar, managing director of SevenC Computing.

“No matter your company’s size, characteristics, or classification, your sensitive business information is always at risk. If your organisation lacks powerful protection, it’s crucial that you start searching immediately for a dependable cyber security solution. When searching for a cyber security consulting firm, never settle for average or below average. Only a reputable and trustworthy cyber security service, such as SevenC, can ensure the security of your digital presence.”

What Exactly Is A Cyber Attack?

Cybercriminals conduct cyber attacks using one or more computers on a single computer or network or several computers or networks. A cyber attack can purposefully disable systems, steal data, or use a compromised computer as a springboard for more attacks. Cybercriminals launch cyber attacks using several techniques, including malware, phishing, ransomware, and denial of service.

Variations Of Cyberattacks

Cybercriminals are aware of recent improvements in enterprise cybersecurity and have altered their attacks to avoid and overcome conventional defences. Modern cyberattacks are multivectored and employ polymorphic code to evade detection. Consequently, recognising and responding to threats is more difficult than ever before.

The endpoint is the primary target of cybercriminals and the first line of defence for an enterprise in the age of remote work. Securing the remote workforce requires knowledge of the most prevalent cyber threats that employees face and endpoint security solutions capable of detecting, preventing, and resolving these attacks.

There are numerous varieties of cyberattacks. Cybercriminals utilise a variety of techniques to launch cyber attacks, phishing attacks, compromised credential exploits, and more. From this initial access, attackers can pursue a variety of goals, including malware infections, ransomware, denial of service attacks, and data theft.

Choosing The Right It Provider For Your Cybersecurity Needs

SevenC provides the following tips to locate and select a reputable and trustworthy cyber security consulting service:

Recognise Your Needs

Before searching for a cyber security provider, you should determine the cyber security demands of your business. Most organisations require firewalls, data loss prevention, intrusion detection systems, anti-ransomware solutions, network security, system security, and cloud security.

A cyber security audit or evaluation will assist you in identifying your security requirements and existing vulnerabilities. A lot of cyber security companies offer low-cost or complimentary security evaluation services.

Evaluate Their Expertise

Once you are aware of your security needs, the subsequent phase entails selecting two or three cyber security consulting firms. Then, you should consider their reputation and experience in your market or business. Additionally, research the technology, strategies, and methods they employ to implement their services.

Read online reviews of their previous work left by previous clients. Examine their websites and read the client testimonials posted there. You can even contact them personally to inquire about their services and expertise. You should ideally choose a company with experience in your field and a solid reputation.

Assess Their Staff

A reputable cyber security company is always staffed by knowledgeable, devoted, and experienced specialists. Without skilled individuals, they could not secure your business. Check the team’s profiles on the company’s website. Perform web research on each team member, examining their credentials and prior employment history.

Also, consider the team’s size, training, certifications, and educational background. You can also contact them by phone or email to request this information. Look out for credentials such as CISSP, CISA, and CISM.

Compare Offerings

Numerous cyber security providers make extravagant claims about their cyber security services but lack the requisite implementation abilities and technologies. Again, you must first reevaluate your needs and compare them to the IT firm’s offerings.

If the cyber security provider offers a wide variety of services, the firm should have an extensive workforce. If a company focuses on a particular field, it should have specialised expertise in that field. Ask the IT firm how they would deploy their services and to describe their services in-depth.

Most skilled IT firms offer the following:

  • Security administration
  • Network protection
  • Security conformity
  • Security measures
  • System protection
  • Cloud protection
  • Data security

You should also inquire about the specifics of their services and solutions, including pricing information, insurance coverage, and contract flexibility.

Reporting And Evaluation Of Performance

A reputable cyber security company should be able to give you regular analytics and vital information. You should be aware of their actions and procedures. According to the contract terms, they should be able to provide you with the required reports and information. Additionally, you should inform them of the measurements you will use to evaluate their performance.

Availability Of Scalable Solution

Before selecting a cyber security provider, ensure that the given solutions are scalable. Idealistically, the cyber security approach should evolve with the business without causing significant disruption or delay. Additionally, the contract should allow for revisions when necessary.

At SevenC, we are committed to offering the best-in-industry cyber security protocols. SevenC’s product suite presents a complete and tightly integrated set for many of your business cyber safety needs. What’s more, we achieve this at a reasonable price, together with our strong commitment to supporting you along the way to protecting yourself, your staff, and your sensitive business information.

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