Enterprise Internet

The industry benchmark for business centric connectivity, with no usage limits, no forced contention & no fair use policies.

Cloud ready

Peering points co-located with major local public providers with service optimized for low latency paths to major local and international transit points.

Future proof

Ideal high-speed service for primary SD-WAN connection for new sites or to compliment legacy connectivity. Easily scalable to Gigabit levels.

Key features

100% uncapped Internet with unlimited data usage and no contention (1:1) or Fair Use Policies applied

Symmetrical service based on ActiveE technology

Free to use router including installation with static IP address range pre-configured

SLA: 99% uptime guarantee

Unshaped: No rate-limit for any protocols and unlimited international usage

24/7/365 local technical support

SevenC’s de-facto internet services with a 99% Uptime Guarantee

Service levels & parameters

Monthly service availability guarantee Penalties as a percentage of recurring charge 10% 10% Last mile availability
Zone A 99.0% 10% Included
Zone B 99.0% 10% Excluded
  • Services specified in the Order Form (OF) will be governed by the following service levels and parameters
  • The start time for downtime is initiated when a customer logs a fault with Provider
  • Any additional conditions or parameters stipulated in the OF will over-ride the standard service level parameters stipulated in this document
Radically transform the way your organisation uses fibre to work and communicate.

Service level exclusions

The calculation of the service availability shall not take account of time lost due to any of the following:

  • Scheduled downtime or any planned maintenance
  • Customer actions or inactions
  • Customer provided power or equipment
  • A Force Majeure Event
  • Any third party, excluding any third party directly involved in the operation and maintenance of the SevenC IP Network but including, without limitation, Customer’s end users, third party network providers, traffic exchange points controlled by third parties, or any power, equipment or services provided by third parties
  • Use of the services in breach of the agreement
  • Emergency maintenance (where prior notification may or may not be possible)
  • Service degradation or packet loss

The last 3 months of any contract are excluded from any claims. Customers who are out of contract and on month-to-month billing are also excluded from service credit claims.

Managed device availability is excluded from the overall service availability.

IP address allocation

  • Services specified in the Order Form (OF) will be governed by the following service levels and parameters
Enterprise internet default IP address allocation
Default /29 Range
  • Additional IP address allocations may be requested and are subject to review and approval. Provider reserves the right to request a motivation for additional IP addresses
  • Any additional IP address allocations must be indicated on the OF, with associated charges where relevant

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