Active Directory Domain

The cornerstone of every Windows network.

Stores information about members of the domain, including devices and users, verifies their credentials and defines their access rights.

Product overview

A Windows domain is closed system of users and computers that can share resources and adhere to one centrally controlled management structure. Each user and machine belonging to that domain must authenticate with a domain controller in order to access the system. User accounts, machine accounts, security groups and many other settings are held in a central database called Active Directory.

Authenticate users across your network.

Product features

Group policy – Have the ability to control the settings of each users’ workstation in granular detail

Windows Server Update Services – WSUS makes it possible to set a single update policy, which all machines adhere to

Office 365 Directory Sync – User accounts and passwords can be kept in Sync with Microsoft cloud services such as Office 365, allowing a user to operate with one set of credentials

Third Party Software – Many third-party applications require a domain in order to deploy, maintain and monitor workstation installations

Roaming profiles – In a domain, users can login to any machine that is in the domain using their standard Active Directory credentials

Password policies – An active directory account will conform to a central password policy, allowing a business to enforce password complexity and frequent changes across the whole team

Volume Shadow Copy – Users can restore previous versions of files and folders on a self-service basis from their workstations

In active directory domain lingo, a group of computers that share a single name space and DNS structure is called a domain.
A group of domains linked in parent-child relationships (also like the roots of a tree)is called a tree.

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