Endpoint monitoring and support

PC, Mac and Tablet support.

Let the experts maintain and support your devices on-site, while you focus on running your business.

Product overview

Complementary to all of SevenC’s server offerings Workstation7 ensures high levels of proactive and reactive support for a multitude of users’ devices and workstations including desktop PCs, laptops, macs, tablets and even smartphones. Properly configured workstations directly result in reduced downtime and higher levels of productivity.

Immediate remote troubleshooting and assistance is also just a phone call away.

  • Setup, configuration and deployment of desktop computers and supported devices
  • Installation, configuration and updating of software
  • Perform skilled maintenance and repair
  • Configuring handheld devices for access to email and data
  • Configure devices to connect to wired and wireless networks
  • User education and training
No hardware or operating system is out of scope.

Proactive support programme

A dedicated allotment of time is allocated every week, where a dedicated member of staff will implement the following checklist:

1. Performance

  • Check disk space utilisation and ensure adequate disk space availability
  • Scan disk drives for existence of bad sectors
  • Check system performance
  • Check memory utilisation
  • Check for any unusual running processes

2. Housekeeping

  • Scan system registery
  • Check for existence of unnecessary files
  • Ensure the integrity of all system files

3. Address adhoc queries raised by the users

4. Security

  • Verify that antivirus updates are occurring
  • Verify that antivirus scanning is taking place correctly
  • Check for unusual running processes
  • Monitor spyware infections

5. Up-to-date

  • Install any available “Service Pack” updates
  • Install available OS updates
  • Install application updates

6. Client-server

  • Verify that users files and folders are being saved to the LinExchange server
  • Monitor the size of users inboxes
  • Assist users to create email folders


Proactive support programmes ensure longevity of devices and software, costing significantly less than having to purchase new equipment regularly. Implementation of SevenC’s Workstation7 programme ensures PCs and supported devices are maintained according to strict documented criteria, including:

  • PC performance
  • Housekeeping
  • Security
  • Software being up to date
  • PCs interaction with data server

Bring your own device

BYOD refers to employees who bring their own computing devices, such as smartphones, laptops and tablets for connectivity onto the corporate network. SevenC will configure all devices and implement a BYOD security policy tailored to your business. Embrace the trend, allow us to manage it for you.

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