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IT Infrastructure, using IT Infrastructure might preclude network components, including hardware software and data, as well as digital infrastructure from attacks, unauthorised access or being damaged.

In recent years there has been a rapid development of cyber risks in both size and number, and the degree of impact on individuals, governments and organisations.

Well informed organisations consider cyber security a critical business issue. 

A vCIO service from SevenC Computing will assess and implement controls based on these 3 pillars: 

1. People

Making every employee aware of their roles in preventing and reducing cyber threats.

2. Process

Clearly defined and documented processes with roles and responsibilities, that specify the procedure tofollow when a threat is suspected.

3. Technology

Access controls, antivirus, next generation firewalls, DNS filtering, email security solutions.

This three-pronged approach will protect your organisation from both organised and opportunistic attacks, as well as common internal threats such as users falling for a phishing or mistakenly sending an email to an unintended recipient. 


  • Costs of data breaches are soaring 

  • Cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated 

  • Cyber-attacks are lucrative for criminals 

  • Cyber security needs to be a business-critical issue


Disruption and damage to even the most resilient of organisations.

Common types of threats


Malicious software designed to extort money by blocking access to files or computer systems until the ransom is paid.


Software designed to gain unauthorised access or to cause damage to a computer. 

Social engineering

A tactic that adversaries use to trick people into revealing sensitive information.


The process of sending fraudulent emails that resemble emails for reputable sources, with the aim of stealing sensitive data. 

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