Anova Health Institute

Public health

Who are they                                       

The Anova Health Institute is an NGO that empowers people and changes lives. Good health and quality of life are what motivates us to provide healthcare solutions and support for those who need it most. With a specific focus on HIV, our work is built on a foundation of research to ensure that funds are focused where we can make the most difference.

What did they need                          

Robust and efficient systems and infrastructure to empower the over 3000 staff in 4 provinces to facilitate the collection and analysis of patient information securely and more accurately, ultimately saving more lives

How did we do it                                

Set up and migrated over 3000 users to Office365, to work and collaborate in remote teams, and to share documents and ideas

Connected the entire company to a centralized domain controller, to administer and authenticate all users

Virtualized the data collection and BI tools into a secure data center

Integration of the business data collection applications and the BI tools to improve reporting

Delivered a centralized helpdesk service, to respond to and resolve any issue that may arise

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