Metair Management Services

Manufacturing – Automotive

Who are they                            

Formed in 1948, becoming a supplier of automotive components to a single OEM in South Africa in 1964. As Metair has grown, their strategy has evolved to meet the challenges of competing in the global automotive industry. Today, Metair is a truly international company with multiple OEM customers around the world, a broad range of aftermarket and non-automotive products, operations in five countries and ambitions to grow into five continents within the next five years

What did they need              

Metair required stable and secure infrastructure that would allow them and all of their subsidiaries to do business from anywhere in the world. Being an international company that manages the financials of all the businesses under their umbrella, security and reliability was a high priority.

How did we do it                               

Starting off, an on-premise solution was implemented where all their subsidiaries could connect to their financial system, allowing them to consolidate information and manage the businesses from a central location. Along with this disaster recovery and a continuous encrypted backup solution was implemented to ensure data security as well as business continuity.

Finally, full integration between Microsoft 365 and their on-premise infrastructure was implemented to allow Metair employees to continue to work from anywhere in the world, while keeping access to their servers as well as gaining the additional benefits of the cloud services.

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