Infrastructure and products

Public cloud

A cloud service offered to the general public. The cloud provider owns manages, and operates all computing resources located within the providers facilities, with available resources shared across all customers.

Virtual private cloud

A variation of public cloud wherein a segmented compartment of an otherwise public cloud infrastructure is dedicated to one customer.


The process of creating software (or virtual) representation of something rather than a physical one. Can apply to applications, servers, storage and networks.


Private cloud

Cloud infrastructure operated for a single organisation. The cloud can be managed by the organisation or a third party. This can be hosted on premise or at a third-party data centre.


Hybrid cloud

A cloud service that is a combination of two or more of the previously defined deployment models.


Microsoft 365

Get access to familiar Microsoft Office tools plus enterprise grade email, conferencing and IT services.

Work from virtually anywhere, access your email, files and folders.


Active Directory Domain

The cornerstone of every Windows network.

Stores information about members of the domain, including devices and users,
verifies their credentials and defines their access rights.



Sync and share your data, with ease

ownCloud is the most straightforward way to file sync and share data. You don’t need to worry about where or how to access your files. With ownCloud all your data is where ever you are; accessible on all devices, any time.


Microsoft SharePoint

Enterprise business collaboration platform.

Easily control costs and reduce risks associated with IT through SharePoint.


Cyber security

Sophos UTM Application

The world’s best visibility, protection, and response.

Sophos XG Firewall brings a fresh new approach to the way you manage your firewall, respond to threats, and monitor what’s happening on your network.



Protect and monitor your network.

A fully managed firewall to keep your information safe.


Sophos Endpoint Protection

Sophisticated yet simple security for your desktop environment. Sophos endpoint protection makes it simple to secure your Windows, Mac and Linux systems against malware and other endpoint threats.


Sophos Intercept X

Go beyond the traditional machine learning with Sophos Intercept X. Give your organisation the most advanced deep learning endpoint protection today. Cloud governance. Cybersecurity evolved. Award-winning protection. Mac & PC protection.


ESET Antivirus

Ranked among the top antivirus products by independent testing labs.

Known for its excellent ability to identify and disable malware without slowing down your computer, ESET is a solid choice.


Business continuity and disaster recovery


Veeam Backup & Replication delivers availability for all your cloud, virtual and physical workloads.

Through a single management console, you can manage simple, flexible and reliable backup, recovery and replication of all your applications and data to eliminate legacy backup solutions forever.



Your business’s most valuable asset is its data, and unplanned events such as hard disk failures, viruses, operator mistakes, natural disasters or hardware theft can put your data and your business at risk.

Sync7 offers a comprehensive data protection and data recovery service.




The latest advancement in broadband technology.

Radically transform the way your organisation uses technology to work and communicate.

Fibre – Product Overview

  • Equal upload and download speeds
  • Suitable for real time high definition multimedia services
  • Most stable high quality broadband
  • Easy-to-use
  • Dedicated and not shared with others
  • Highest levels of uptime and performance available
  • Unlimited bandwidth with no caps




A generational shift in cellular network speeds.

Highest speeds available on cellular networks. 

  • Fastest cellular download speeds available
  • No need to be at one site to appreciate the speeds
  • Utilise and experience the Internet in a quicker, richer way
  • Fully mobile use of applications that require true broadband speeds
  • Improved performance on many existing applications


Move large amounts of data at high speeds through this highly adaptable technology.

In much the same way that a flashlight projects a beam of light from one point to another, microwaves can be transmitted along a straight, unobstructed line from a transmitter to a receiver. In the process the microwave beam can carry audio and video information. 

  • Lower latency – The reduced number of hops in microwave networks lowers end-to-end latency; even a gain of a couple of milliseconds can add up to a sizeable advantage for businesses
  • Reliability – Microwave networks are not vulnerable to disruption due to damage caused by work being done in the street or the building
  • As fast as any other form of internet connection – Most businesses are looking to subscribe to an Internet connection in the 20Mbps to 500Mbps range; microwave fixed wireless can easily achieve these speeds
  • Installation time – Microwave links can be installed within four to five days in comparison to the many weeks needed for other lines
  • Dependability – Install microwave as a backup to your terrestrial Internet to manage the risk of communication loss and minimise downtime

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