Service level agreements tailored to your specific needs

Service Level Agreements

  • 24×7 remote help desk support
  • 24×7 onsite support
  • Preventative maintenance programmes
  • Time sheeting and work logs
  • SLA delivery measurement reports
  • Dedicated help desk phone number
  • Priority support/cover

Outsourced IT support

Give your business access to leading technology and expertise


Server monitoring and support

Detect, diagnose, & resolve server performance issues quickly

  • Identify critical issues quickly with a real-time service map, AI-powered synthetic monitors, and alerts on performance issues, including availability, response times, reliability, and throughput
  • Rapidly pinpoint bottlenecks, errors, heavy traffic issues, slow-running queries, and more with end-to-end application tracing, latency breakdowns, stack traces, and flame graphs highlighting errored requests.
  • Test hypotheses in seconds by overlaying events onto time-synchronised graphs.

Network monitoring and support

Block unauthorised access. Most businesses can’t afford the consequences of a security breach. Prevent user access to problem content.

Improve business function and productivity.

Endpoint monitoring and support

PC, Mac and tablet support programme.

Let the experts maintain and support your devices on-site, while you focus on running your business.


Incident response planning

ICT or security incidents can happen without warning and will often go undetected for long periods of time.

Many organisations struggle to identify incidents because they often work in silos or because the sheer volume of alerts is overwhelming and hard to determine.

Let SevenC determine and manage a relevant incident response plan for your business.


We enable our clients to work effectively and be productive.
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